Walk Your Path: 4 steps to turn frustration into ease-ation

HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? You think of an exciting idea and are super pumped to make it happen. Then about 20-30 seconds in, a different feeling comes over you And you begin to think about the multiple ways it can go wrong… The voice of unreason starts to creep in… This can sometimes appearContinue reading “Walk Your Path: 4 steps to turn frustration into ease-ation”

Gratitude is a Gift

A brief reminder… Gratitude is a gift 🙏🏼 As I start to write this blog, I think about the last deep conversation I had with my Dad before he passed, which had taken place on Thanksgiving of 2018.  I disclosed to him that I am dating a woman and that she means a lot toContinue reading “Gratitude is a Gift”