(Photography: @eph-m_photography)  Emotions and Feelings 101 Sometimes you have to break down to break up with what no longer serves you. Recently, I have experienced a buildup of fear and anxiety… To be honest, a lot of it centers around this coaching practice. I want to make it clear, that I LOVE this new adventure andContinue reading “– THERE IS BEAUTY IN THE BREAK DOWN-“

The Power of your Inner Voice

🤔 What is Little Rosie thinking? 😂 To be honest, I had no idea… 😊 But here I am 34 years later with a clear vision of what my life has brought and am clear on the direction I want to go… 🧐 But what helped me to get here? Here is the secret… 😯 I found my Inner Voice.Continue reading “The Power of your Inner Voice”