10 TIPS to Finishing 2020 with Peace and Starting 2021 with New Energy

Hello Reader! Thank you for taking a moment to stop and read this post. Every month I have a discussion via Facebook Live entitled Real Talk Self-Love to Inspire and Empower. What is it about? Self-love is not a simple process. But once it can be achieved, infinite possibilities are at your disposal. Every personContinue reading “10 TIPS to Finishing 2020 with Peace and Starting 2021 with New Energy”


This is one of the most common questions I receive as a Coach… Here is my simple answer: Are you ready to become a better person? If yes, then I have a clear solution for you. But before I tell you the solution, I want you to understand that this is not a quick fix.Continue reading “I WANT TO MAKE MYSELF A BETTER PERSON, HOW DO I DO THAT?”


(Photography: @eph-m_photography)  Emotions and Feelings 101 Sometimes you have to break down to break up with what no longer serves you. Recently, I have experienced a buildup of fear and anxiety… To be honest, a lot of it centers around this coaching practice. I want to make it clear, that I LOVE this new adventure andContinue reading “– THERE IS BEAUTY IN THE BREAK DOWN-“

Be Thoughtentional!

An exercise to shift your mindset to be the best version of You!    🍎 FOOD FOR THOUGHT…  Sit with yourself for a moment, at least just 10 seconds, to intentionally think about how you want your week to go…  Why is this important?  Your thoughts dictate your actions.   THOUGHT + INTENTION = THOUGHTENTIONAL  THOUGHTENTIONAL LEADS TO –> AUTHENTICContinue reading “Be Thoughtentional!”

Walk Your Path: 4 steps to turn frustration into ease-ation

HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? You think of an exciting idea and are super pumped to make it happen. Then about 20-30 seconds in, a different feeling comes over you And you begin to think about the multiple ways it can go wrong… The voice of unreason starts to creep in… This can sometimes appearContinue reading “Walk Your Path: 4 steps to turn frustration into ease-ation”

The Power of your Inner Voice

🤔 What is Little Rosie thinking? 😂 To be honest, I had no idea… 😊 But here I am 34 years later with a clear vision of what my life has brought and am clear on the direction I want to go… 🧐 But what helped me to get here? Here is the secret… 😯 I found my Inner Voice.Continue reading “The Power of your Inner Voice”

Gratitude is a Gift

A brief reminder… Gratitude is a gift 🙏🏼 As I start to write this blog, I think about the last deep conversation I had with my Dad before he passed, which had taken place on Thanksgiving of 2018.  I disclosed to him that I am dating a woman and that she means a lot toContinue reading “Gratitude is a Gift”

I am an Integrative Nurse Coach

Me: “Hello, my name is Rosemarie Dominia, and I am an Integrative Nurse Coach.” You: “Is that like a Life Coach?” In September 2019, I received my certificate to become an Integrative Nurse Coach through the International Nurse Coach Association.  A “Nurse Coach” is not a familiar phrase and the typical response I hear whenContinue reading “I am an Integrative Nurse Coach”

When Evolution Comes Knocking…Fly!

“Within difficult moments the opportunity arises to grow and evolve.” -RND This has come true to me in the last few days since the “shelter in place” has taken effect.  As this pandemic continues, it is clear that all of us have our own fears and anxieties that have arisen.  Overall, I think it isContinue reading “When Evolution Comes Knocking…Fly!”