Remind yourself… P.U.S.H

Photo: Adam Zimman Sometimes, we just need a reminder that Positivity Ultimately Sustains Health. Throughout my lifetime I have learned time and time again on how it is important to MAKE QUALITY TIME to take care of myself.  When I was younger I admit to solving my emotional issues by going to parties… (you getContinue reading “Remind yourself… P.U.S.H”

Clear to disclose…The story behind the self-love journey.

Rosemarie 32.4 The Self-Love Journey Clear to Disclose… 2018: My life as I know it is alive and breathing. In each moment, I have consciously stayed awake to embrace each color, smell, texture, sound and interaction. Through videos and photography, I have shared snippets of my self-love journey. This blog is intended to share theContinue reading “Clear to disclose…The story behind the self-love journey.”