Goodbye 2020…


Sometimes when I am in a car ride and I look out of the window, I picture my past life…

It was not always sunshine and rainbows and the truth is,

I never saw myself as worth it.

I yearned for positive words and advice from others around me to fill an empty void.

I was too scared to look at myself as the cause of any problem,

so I blamed my unhappiness on everyone around me.

That creepy voice, in your head…

yup I think you know it, and it is probably talking to your right now.

We all have it!

I always chose to lash out on others so that

I could continue to avoid dealing with the hard stuff.

Sound familiar?

It was not until 2014, where I lost all sense of who I was and I felt empty…

But what to do with that emptiness?

Here is where the moments of pain and suffering can be powerful.

You can choose to sit in the emptiness or fill it with something else

And that something else, for me was finally appreciating myself for all of who I am…

Sometimes cranky, emotional, intense, loving and and nerdy… LOL

To be honest with you, I still get a little nervous sharing the darkest inner moments of my thought process on social media

but I know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

As a person who dedicates her life to healing others, I offer you this and I hope you take it:

My end of the year offer is to work one-to-one with Me for 21 days starting in 2021! ***60% OFF***

I am offering 3 spots only!

Start your New Year with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE with a guide who is compassionate, kind, and humble.

Feel free to reach out to me:

10 TIPS to Finishing 2020 with Peace and Starting 2021 with New Energy

Hello Reader!

Thank you for taking a moment to stop and read this post.

Every month I have a discussion via Facebook Live entitled Real Talk Self-Love to Inspire and Empower.

What is it about?

Self-love is not a simple process.

But once it can be achieved, infinite possibilities are at your disposal.

Every person has their personal story and not all of it is positive.

There are struggles and vulnerabilities that we do not discuss out loud but it is in these struggles we find the most powerful lessons.

Each month I invite a special guest to share their story and what they offer to the world.

Previous guests include:

William Hung, a contestant on American Idol and now a Motivational Speaker who continues to be a positive inspiration on how to navigate through uncertainty.

Forrest Folen, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Serial Entrepreneur who is truly authentic and well experienced in his speciality and has previously partnered with Lisa Nichols in Fit, Fine and Fab and was her Personal Fitness Coach.

Mavia Hardiman, Founder of iColorCare and Nurse who is truly passionate and dedicated to educate on the importance of diversity in the Healthcare field.

The November Edition of Real Talk Self-Love was truly unique because it was a panel of expert Coaches:

Sharmaine Denise, Spiritual Life Coach
Rachel Grant, Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach
Sergio Jaimes-Vigaray, Health, Fitness, & Wellness Coach
Quynh Yamamoto, Self-Love Coach

[If you did not watch it, I invite you to watch the replay. Click HERE]

The energy was truly on point with this fantastic group.

Here are our 10 TIPS to finishing 2020 with peace and

starting 2021 with new energy!

10. Make a promise/vow on one way you can incorporate self-care into your life. (ex. drink more water)

9. You are not alone. If you feel this way, please find the support you need to help bring light and clarity into your life!

8. Appreciate yourself, you are perfect just the way that you are.

7. Speak your truth…. always….

6. What is one thing you learned in 2020 that can be useful to bring into 2021? If you know what that it is, do not forget it and bring this lesson into the new year.

5. Write yourself a letter going into 2021. In this letter, write it from the future version of you, who had such an amazing 2021 year!

4. Detach from the doing and just be in the being…

3. Find and do things that bring you gratitude and peace.

2. Be courageous in the smallest ways and in every single action.

1. Breathe…. (Do not forget that this single involuntary action, is a powerful method if used with presence to come back to your center.)

I hope that you find these recommendations useful.

I personally offer one-to-one coaching and am truly passionate about transforming lives from the inside out to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM, and have my Clients LIVE their lives with a profound sense of clarity and new energy.

Contact me at with any questions.

Sending hugs,
Coach Rosie


This is one of the most common questions I receive as a Coach…

Here is my simple answer:

Are you ready to become a better person?

If yes, then I have a clear solution for you.

But before I tell you the solution,

I want you to understand that this is not a quick fix.

It is not like taking Advil, and 30 minutes later, poof… the pain is gone…

To better yourself is possible, however,It will take some work.

It is a routine, like brushing your teeth,

Makes sense?

Then you are ready to work with me, an Integrative Nurse Coach:

– I am trained in the science of health

– I am a perfectionist when it comes to the art of individualized care (every single detail is tailored to your needs)

– I provide compassionate, supportive and respectful care (and NO, I do not just serve Nurses, I serve You as well.)

– Nurses are the #1 trusted profession for 18 years, according to the Gallup Poll!

These are awesome reasons to have a Coach like me in your back pocket!

Now here is the solution

I am offering a FREE virtual class:

The 3 Fundamental Elements of Energy to Feel more CONFIDENT about who you are and be CLEAR about your path moving forward.

Here is an organized and clear first step into the direction of living the life you truly desire.


For more information on Reaching New Depths Coaching check out the website

Rosemarie N. Dominia


(Photography: @eph-m_photography

Emotions and Feelings 101

Sometimes you have to break down to break up with what no longer serves you.

Recently, I have experienced a buildup of fear and anxiety…

To be honest, a lot of it centers around this coaching practice.

I want to make it clear, that I LOVE this new adventure

and intend to keep growing and serving from this new light…

But in this process of growing and putting myself out there, it is scary.

I am thankful for my support system and in particular,

I want to acknowledge the wonderful Therapist that I work with since I started my self-love journey 6 years ago.

She reminded me of the truth: I am a compassionate healer who will hold the hand of my Client in the darkest trenches.

I found myself resisting this truth…

I started to doubt myself…
I was breaking down because I was scared to accept that this is my superpower…

I read many posts that give just the positive perspective of learning that is uplifting and motivating…

And I agree with that.

But something is missing…

It is the one critical piece of growing

And that is acknowledging the “break down” aka the difficult/hard moment.

The break down is just a moment.

It is an opportunity to acknowledge that something is not working.

And it is ok to have these moments.

For me, to overcome this break down I had to

1.Acknowledge that I have feelings that do not make me feel good
2.Pause and breathe
3.Remind myself of how far I have come
4.Accept and own that this is me NOW…

I see the moment of a break down as an opportunity to learn…

The beauty in this is that when you are fully aware, you are opening the opportunity to choose:

What you want to feel next…

What you want to do next…

I hope you have an empowering day!

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Be Thoughtentional!

An exercise to shift your mindset to be the best version of You!

Sit with yourself for a moment,

at least just 10 seconds,

to intentionally think about how you want your week to go… 

Why is this important? 

Your thoughts dictate your actions.  



(I give props to my Mentor Jennifer Kem for this word. Powerful!) 

Here are 3 ways you can brainstorm to create your self-affirmations.  

(Remember each statement starts with, “I am…”) 

1. Who are you at your core?  

There is no question that you already have this attribute.  

2. What is one positive attribute that is a little shy to come out? 

This is an attribute you know is true within yourself, but cannot fully acknowledge around others. 

3. What is one attribute that you envision yourself to be in the future? 

Bring this vision to the present time.   

Makes sense? 
I believe in you. 
You got this! 

Walk Your Path: 4 steps to turn frustration into ease-ation


You think of an exciting idea and are super pumped to make it happen.

Then about 20-30 seconds in, a different feeling comes over you

And you begin to think about the multiple ways it can go wrong…

The voice of unreason starts to creep in…

This can sometimes appear as a voice of a family member, friend or an individual that has hurt you in this past…

Does this sound familiar to you?

In the process of putting a vision into action, our old conditioning patterns of thought can start to kick in.

Then the space to bring in new creation becomes clouded with self-doubt, lack of confidence, or feeling stuck

And it feels like a cycle or spiral and there is no way out….

You might feel this in your stomach, chest or shoulders…

Then that vision becomes impossible…

Why does this happen???

Let’s look closer…

Subconsciously, it is easier to fall back into old habits because it is comfortable.

Because the uncomfortable feeling based on past events becomes comfortable.


Logically speaking, why follow a thought pattern that has proven time and time again that it does not work?

What can you do next?

I invite you to try a new path of thought.

If you are ready to turn the frustration into ease-ation follow the –>

A-B-C-D Method

✅ Acknowledge

Do not ignore or push off that a negative feeling is present for you.

Accept the feeling for what it is, just a feeling, nothing more, nothing less.

✅ Breathe

Take a moment to pause and take a deep breath.

Inhale to bring in fresh air into your body.

✅ Clear

Exhale the old stagnate energy by breathing out.

Let it go.

✅ Decide

What matters is what you do next.

You have the freedom to choose your next thought!

You have the freedom to choose your next action!

When we give ourselves the opportunity to step back, and reset, the old patterns start to break and here comes the new space to create a new and more effective way of being that leads into ease-ation instead of frustration.

Make sense?

My focus as a Coach is to guide my Clients to find inner healing and peace with the moments in their life that have caused cycles of S.O.S., same old stuff.

This can appear as never ending self-doubt, unworthiness, or lack of confidence.

Not until we are internally free can we clearly move forward.

I invite you to step outside of what you know and try walking a new path.

Discover a new way of being that brings you fulfillment.

Comment below if you agree. ❤️

For more information on Reaching New Depths Coaching, click the link below


The Power of your Inner Voice

Circa 1988

🤔 What is Little Rosie thinking?

😂 To be honest, I had no idea…

😊 But here I am 34 years later with a clear vision of what my life has brought and am clear on the direction I want to go…

🧐 But what helped me to get here? Here is the secret…

😯 I found my Inner Voice.

😜 Not the crazy kind but the intuitive kind…

It is the voice that speaks from my soul’s purpose.

The voice that does not have an ego, but is honest and pure.

My Inner Voice has guided me throughout my life especially in challenging moments where I felt stuck or did not feel good enough.

It guides me to do the right thing, which is usually harder versus the easy route, which is usually impulsive.

If I were to map out my life on a timeline, there were many moments where my Inner Voice was guiding me but I could not clearly receive its message.

In 2014, I got out of a 6-year relationship with someone I thought I would marry, have children and buy the beautiful home.

I dedicated my life to that image because that is what I was taught that I should do.

When the relationship ended I was heartbroken and empty.

I searched for an answer and thought that maybe with my last ounce of energy, I should fight for us to still be together.

But the fact was, I did fight for it with all of my energy, which is the reason why I felt empty.

I hit rock bottom…

😇 My Inner Voice came in very softly and had given me two choices.

1. Sit in my pain and sorrow and fill the void impulsively, which was a desirable choice.

2. Work on myself by healing these pains and recreate myself into the person who can love herself from within.

🤓 It had taken practice and with the guidance from a Coach, I was able to master this process.

With full awareness, I can now pull this tool out of my tool belt in a heartbeat and go back to my anchor of what I know to be as my True Self.

✅ What would it feel like for you if you had access to an internal guide that converts:
➡️ Sadness into joy
➡️ Stress into happiness
➡️ Stuck into free
➡️ Tired into energetic
➡️ The same old stuff into new possibilities

⭐️If this calls to you, listen and follow that sign because that is your Inner Voice tuning in to guide you.⭐️

I am here to be your guide and mentor in discovering your Inner Voice.

Here is how you can get started:

1. 💌 Let’s have a conversation:

2. 🤝 Share this post with someone who you think could benefit.

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Gratitude is a Gift

Daddy and Me, 1988

A brief reminder… Gratitude is a gift 🙏🏼

As I start to write this blog, I think about the last deep conversation I had with my Dad before he passed, which had taken place on Thanksgiving of 2018.  I disclosed to him that I am dating a woman and that she means a lot to me.  To give you context, I come from a Catholic family.

My Dad responded, “I do not care about the sex.  Just as long as you are safe.”  He genuinely seemed happy and he was looking forward to meeting her and her son.  Such a gift from the universe to grant me this moment with my Dad where both of us felt heard and the exchange was equally received.

In the hardest moments cultivating gratitude is my savior…  🙌

It is like medicine that provides relief when my soul feels disconnected. 🤕

What is gratitude? 

Is it just to give thanks or feel grateful? 

Is it just to say thank you and move on? 

The concept of gratitude is not just a word, it is a feeling, a feeling of deep appreciation.  It is a deep exchange of energy that penetrates through the body and into the soul. 

It is the part of us that remains pure throughout our lifetime, like a beam of light that continues to shine no matter what the situation:

A relative that survives an 8-hour intense surgery 🏥

A friend who survives a horrible car crash 🚗

The moment where your child graduates school 🎓

The moment you finally get to sit on a toilet to pee after waiting in a long line 🚽

The moment you realize it is too late and you’re thankful for the experience ⏳

The moment where you forgive someone who has hurt you 🤝

⭐️Gratitude’s worth is dependent on how much you invest in it.⭐️

Lisa Nichols uses the analogy and describes gratitude as: if we are the seed, then gratitude is the fertilizer that helps us grow and stay rooted. POWERFUL! 🌿

How do you practice cultivating gratitude?

Below is a simple technique to follow.

First, ask yourself where you are grateful in your:

  • Personal Life: wonderful family, friends, someone made you a meal, someone held a door open for you… etc…
  • Professional Life: your boss complimented you, receiving recognition at work etc…
  • Within yourself: What are you proud of within yourself? Think of a personal characteristic that makes you, YOU!

Follow these steps:

  1. Close your eyes and start to breathe in and out of your nose.
  2. State one thing you are grateful for: “I am grateful for…” (use a category from above: personal, professional or within yourself.)
  3. Experience that feeling of gratitude for what you stated and hold it for 10-20 seconds. How does it feel? Where do you feel it?
  4. Move on to the next statement of gratitude and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Once you are done hold your hands on your heart and be thankful for the experience
  6. Open your eyes.

I invite you to invest time to cultivate gratitude as a daily practice. 

Try it in the morning before your start your day or at night right before you to go sleep.

In a time where things are difficult, hold onto the things that bring light and positivity and share it with all through your thoughts, prayers and actions. ❤️

I am an Integrative Nurse Coach

Me: “Hello, my name is Rosemarie Dominia, and I am an Integrative Nurse Coach.”

You: “Is that like a Life Coach?”

In September 2019, I received my certificate to become an Integrative Nurse Coach through the International Nurse Coach Association.  A “Nurse Coach” is not a familiar phrase and the typical response I hear when I tell people I am a Nurse Coach is, “ a coach that only coaches Nurses,”  or that I am a Life Coach.  Based on the title, those are fair assumptions.   

Today I write this blog to shine light on how a Nurse Coach is unique. My intention is to present a perspective of evaluating health that focuses on all of the pieces that define one’s well-being.  As one of my former mentors have stated, “this concept maybe ahead of our time.”

“Nurse Coaching is grounded in the principles and core values of professional nursing. Nurse Coaches speak both the language of Medicine and Healing.” (Dossey, Luck, & Schaub, 2015)*

How are Nurses capable of being Coaches?  

Let’s look deeper into the Nursing Profession.

Nursing is a trusted profession and our focus is on the client’s holistic well-being. According to the Gallup’s Annual Most Honest and Ethical Professions, Nurses are still #1 after 18 years.  Now that says something!

Nursing has its own educational system and training.  We pride ourselves on being an independent health profession with the highest standards of evidenced-based care, which is proven through research.  Logically, the proof exists.

The other aspect of Nursing that compliments the logic is the art of individualized care.  We all have different bodies, hence we all have different needs.  The Nurse is trained in the art of ensuring that each patient feels safe, heard and cared for.

What is currently happening?

Healthcare continues to strive for interventions and treatments that can cure every known sickness and disease, however, what often is not a focus is to invest time in is the patient’s internal process and how that impacts health.

I am not minimizing other types of health care services and ALL are equally needed.  However, given the seriousness of this pandemic, the availability of patient care in the hospital goes to those who are in great need.

How can a Nurse Coach benefit you?  

Integrative Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing Model
Source: Copyright 2014 by the International Nurse Coach Association cited in
*(Dossey, Luck, & Schaub, 2015)

We all crave the “quick fix,” but is this truly sustainable? How does one even start to look inside of themselves?  I will acknowledge that looking internally is a scary process, especially if doing this for the first time. Imagine what it would be like to be in a space of no shame, no judgment, and no criticism.  How would that feel?  Maybe a feeling of peace, calmness, or confidence?

Wait… what?

Welcome to the innovation of healthcare: health coming from with“in” rather than with“out,” A process where empowerment comes from within YOU.   Healthcare in our present time is not equal for all.  However, I will say that we all have FREE internal access to caring for ourselves from within. 

RND Coaching, 2020

All Nurse Coaches have a specific focus.  Let me share mine…

As a Nurse Coach I specialize in aiding others in their personal healing to show up in the world feeling proud, empowered, and present by:

1. Awakening to your truth.

2. Transforming into the person you were meant to become.

3. Living life feeling unstuck, confident, free, joyful and/or (INSERT your goal.)

Why do I want to coach?

  • I believe in the power of self-love, and when an individual can own and love ALL of who they are, it becomes the key to unlocking infinite freedom. Owning this freedom provides the power of having infinite possibilities at your disposal.

Who do I work with?

  • I am open to working with anyone 18 years or older who intentionally wants to reach new depths within themselves to live life feeling confident, unstuck, free and [INSERT YOUR goal.]  

What makes me different?

  • One of my greatest strengths is that my intention to coach others is pure and comes from a place of compassion and respect. 
  • I take pride in having the ability to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for anyone who needs my help. 
  • With my background as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner I am trained in health, which is an area of expertise valuable to the client’s well-being. 
  • I believe that everyone and anyone, including those who have chronic health issues can live a life filled with joy, clarity and freedom.

Final Message

In 1870, Florence Nightingale had written, “It will take 150 years for the world to see the kind of nursing that I envision…”

Here we are 150 years later, 2020, and Nurse Coaches arise.

Me: “ Hi my name is Rosemarie Dominia, and I am an Integrative Nurse Coach.”

You: “I am looking to change _____ and I am ready.  Could you help me?”

Me: “Let’s have a conversation.”


* Dossey, B. M., Luck, S., & Schaub, B. G. (2015). Nurse coaching: integrative approaches for health and wellbeing. North Miami, FL: International Nurse Coach Association.

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When Evolution Comes Knocking…Fly!

Lodi 2008

“Within difficult moments the opportunity arises to grow and evolve.” -RND

This has come true to me in the last few days since the “shelter in place” has taken effect.  As this pandemic continues, it is clear that all of us have our own fears and anxieties that have arisen.  Overall, I think it is safe to say that we are trying to make sense of life in a “restricted” setting. 

“There is always a path even when the eyes cannot visually see…” -RND

The word restriction is dependent on perspective.  I will admit that it has been an adjustment for me as I am used to always being on the go and on a mission to complete a task (I love checking off boxes).  Both of my international trips to Europe and Brazil have been cancelled, I cannot go to the gym or attend dance classes.

I have asked myself, “what do I do with my life?” realizing that the concept of time has changed into more time and space…. Then I asked myself 2 more questions, “what do I do with this time and what do I create within this space?”

My answer: I choose to utilize time and space for creation.

“Evolution typically presents itself when one cannot make sense of the way they feel and the tools previously used to cope no longer work.” -RND

Steps to take when Evolution Comes Knocking

  1. Remind and Recognize:  What brought you to this moment?

Who am I? I am light, I am heart, I am honesty and I live with intention.  It had taken hard work to figure Me out and to accept and maintain this truth on a daily basis.  For so long, I have lived in a shadow, which I do not perceive as bad, but as a compilation of lessons that were well learned.  What would my life have been like if I kept following that path? (This question no longer exists) It had taken me 27 years to wake up and make sense of cyclical patterns that no longer served me.

2. Editing the script:  What do I want… Who I will evolve into…

Setting intention requires the right language.  Instead of “what I want to do,” I reword that statement to “I will, ” which shifts the energy to make me responsible and accountable for this change.  It may have started as a dream, fantasy or hope, however, I continuously choose to take ownership.  If I could not own my unique abilities, how can I grow?  How could I follow a dream with clear authentic intention without influence of fear, anxiety, greed, selfishness, and external affirmation? Owning my truth and making it known to the world is courageously vulnerable. 

3. Drippin’ in Finesse: To see it visually puts it into existence, hence puts it into action and with practice becomes a reality.


Tools: Paper and Pencil. Different colors encouraged.


At the core we all have innate characteristics that make you –> YOU.
Write down your top 3 core characteristics inside of the cube.

Take 60 seconds, or longer if desired, to sit in a quiet area.
Make your breaths intentional.
Ask yourself, “What is functioning well?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the top left circle.

Take 60 seconds, or longer if desired, to sit in a quiet area.
Make your breaths intentional.  
Ask yourself, “What no longer serves you?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the square on the left.

Assess what needs to be done.
Ask yourself, “What is the new truth or energy you want to bring into existence?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the top right circle.

Name 3 ways you can maintain this new existence on a daily basis. 
Examples include:
– Setting an alarm with a daily reminder
– Counting 3 wins at the end of your day
– Journaling daily for 10 minutes
Write this answer inside of the lower right circle
Set a date to review your frame
– Example: review in 7 days.
Any new thoughts or ideas come to mind?
Repeat the exercise as needed and follow the steps above.

Remember to breathe, be open and be flexible.
All parts of this process are connected to each other.
The frame, like a picture, captures a moment in time and can always change.
During this process if you feel lost, refer back to your core.

Here is my next evolutionary step

Rosie: 34.5

All of who I am at my core does not change.  I continue to fly and rise above the energies that creep into my existence that attempt to take me down.  What and who I share into the world now is a version of self that serves from an intentional cup of overflow.

I extend the invitation of my own joy and insight to others who are open to receiving it.

Sending love, peace, and well-being.


The RND Nurse Coach

Rosemarie Nagal Dominia

Reaching New Depths Coaching

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