Goodbye 2020…


Sometimes when I am in a car ride and I look out of the window, I picture my past life…

It was not always sunshine and rainbows and the truth is,

I never saw myself as worth it.

I yearned for positive words and advice from others around me to fill an empty void.

I was too scared to look at myself as the cause of any problem,

so I blamed my unhappiness on everyone around me.

That creepy voice, in your head…

yup I think you know it, and it is probably talking to your right now.

We all have it!

I always chose to lash out on others so that

I could continue to avoid dealing with the hard stuff.

Sound familiar?

It was not until 2014, where I lost all sense of who I was and I felt empty…

But what to do with that emptiness?

Here is where the moments of pain and suffering can be powerful.

You can choose to sit in the emptiness or fill it with something else

And that something else, for me was finally appreciating myself for all of who I am…

Sometimes cranky, emotional, intense, loving and and nerdy… LOL

To be honest with you, I still get a little nervous sharing the darkest inner moments of my thought process on social media

but I know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

As a person who dedicates her life to healing others, I offer you this and I hope you take it:

My end of the year offer is to work one-to-one with Me for 21 days starting in 2021! ***60% OFF***

I am offering 3 spots only!

Start your New Year with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE with a guide who is compassionate, kind, and humble.

Feel free to reach out to me:

Published by Rosie, The Healing Coach, Founder of Reaching New Depths Coaching

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