10 TIPS to Finishing 2020 with Peace and Starting 2021 with New Energy

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Every month I have a discussion via Facebook Live entitled Real Talk Self-Love to Inspire and Empower.

What is it about?

Self-love is not a simple process.

But once it can be achieved, infinite possibilities are at your disposal.

Every person has their personal story and not all of it is positive.

There are struggles and vulnerabilities that we do not discuss out loud but it is in these struggles we find the most powerful lessons.

Each month I invite a special guest to share their story and what they offer to the world.

Previous guests include:

William Hung, a contestant on American Idol and now a Motivational Speaker who continues to be a positive inspiration on how to navigate through uncertainty.

Forrest Folen, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Serial Entrepreneur who is truly authentic and well experienced in his speciality and has previously partnered with Lisa Nichols in Fit, Fine and Fab and was her Personal Fitness Coach.

Mavia Hardiman, Founder of iColorCare and Nurse who is truly passionate and dedicated to educate on the importance of diversity in the Healthcare field.

The November Edition of Real Talk Self-Love was truly unique because it was a panel of expert Coaches:

Sharmaine Denise, Spiritual Life Coach
Rachel Grant, Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach
Sergio Jaimes-Vigaray, Health, Fitness, & Wellness Coach
Quynh Yamamoto, Self-Love Coach

[If you did not watch it, I invite you to watch the replay. Click HERE]

The energy was truly on point with this fantastic group.

Here are our 10 TIPS to finishing 2020 with peace and

starting 2021 with new energy!

10. Make a promise/vow on one way you can incorporate self-care into your life. (ex. drink more water)

9. You are not alone. If you feel this way, please find the support you need to help bring light and clarity into your life!

8. Appreciate yourself, you are perfect just the way that you are.

7. Speak your truth…. always….

6. What is one thing you learned in 2020 that can be useful to bring into 2021? If you know what that it is, do not forget it and bring this lesson into the new year.

5. Write yourself a letter going into 2021. In this letter, write it from the future version of you, who had such an amazing 2021 year!

4. Detach from the doing and just be in the being…

3. Find and do things that bring you gratitude and peace.

2. Be courageous in the smallest ways and in every single action.

1. Breathe…. (Do not forget that this single involuntary action, is a powerful method if used with presence to come back to your center.)

I hope that you find these recommendations useful.

I personally offer one-to-one coaching and am truly passionate about transforming lives from the inside out to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM, and have my Clients LIVE their lives with a profound sense of clarity and new energy.

Contact me at rnd@rndnursecoach.com with any questions.

Sending hugs,
Coach Rosie

Published by Rosie, The Healing Coach, Founder of Reaching New Depths Coaching


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