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Emotions and Feelings 101

Sometimes you have to break down to break up with what no longer serves you.

Recently, I have experienced a buildup of fear and anxiety…

To be honest, a lot of it centers around this coaching practice.

I want to make it clear, that I LOVE this new adventure

and intend to keep growing and serving from this new light…

But in this process of growing and putting myself out there, it is scary.

I am thankful for my support system and in particular,

I want to acknowledge the wonderful Therapist that I work with since I started my self-love journey 6 years ago.

She reminded me of the truth: I am a compassionate healer who will hold the hand of my Client in the darkest trenches.

I found myself resisting this truth…

I started to doubt myself…
I was breaking down because I was scared to accept that this is my superpower…

I read many posts that give just the positive perspective of learning that is uplifting and motivating…

And I agree with that.

But something is missing…

It is the one critical piece of growing

And that is acknowledging the “break down” aka the difficult/hard moment.

The break down is just a moment.

It is an opportunity to acknowledge that something is not working.

And it is ok to have these moments.

For me, to overcome this break down I had to

1.Acknowledge that I have feelings that do not make me feel good
2.Pause and breathe
3.Remind myself of how far I have come
4.Accept and own that this is me NOW…

I see the moment of a break down as an opportunity to learn…

The beauty in this is that when you are fully aware, you are opening the opportunity to choose:

What you want to feel next…

What you want to do next…

I hope you have an empowering day!

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