The Power of your Inner Voice

Circa 1988

🤔 What is Little Rosie thinking?

😂 To be honest, I had no idea…

😊 But here I am 34 years later with a clear vision of what my life has brought and am clear on the direction I want to go…

🧐 But what helped me to get here? Here is the secret…

😯 I found my Inner Voice.

😜 Not the crazy kind but the intuitive kind…

It is the voice that speaks from my soul’s purpose.

The voice that does not have an ego, but is honest and pure.

My Inner Voice has guided me throughout my life especially in challenging moments where I felt stuck or did not feel good enough.

It guides me to do the right thing, which is usually harder versus the easy route, which is usually impulsive.

If I were to map out my life on a timeline, there were many moments where my Inner Voice was guiding me but I could not clearly receive its message.

In 2014, I got out of a 6-year relationship with someone I thought I would marry, have children and buy the beautiful home.

I dedicated my life to that image because that is what I was taught that I should do.

When the relationship ended I was heartbroken and empty.

I searched for an answer and thought that maybe with my last ounce of energy, I should fight for us to still be together.

But the fact was, I did fight for it with all of my energy, which is the reason why I felt empty.

I hit rock bottom…

😇 My Inner Voice came in very softly and had given me two choices.

1. Sit in my pain and sorrow and fill the void impulsively, which was a desirable choice.

2. Work on myself by healing these pains and recreate myself into the person who can love herself from within.

🤓 It had taken practice and with the guidance from a Coach, I was able to master this process.

With full awareness, I can now pull this tool out of my tool belt in a heartbeat and go back to my anchor of what I know to be as my True Self.

✅ What would it feel like for you if you had access to an internal guide that converts:
➡️ Sadness into joy
➡️ Stress into happiness
➡️ Stuck into free
➡️ Tired into energetic
➡️ The same old stuff into new possibilities

⭐️If this calls to you, listen and follow that sign because that is your Inner Voice tuning in to guide you.⭐️

I am here to be your guide and mentor in discovering your Inner Voice.

Here is how you can get started:

1. 💌 Let’s have a conversation:

2. 🤝 Share this post with someone who you think could benefit.

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Published by Rosie, The Healing Coach, Founder of Reaching New Depths Coaching

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