When Evolution Comes Knocking…Fly!

Lodi 2008

“Within difficult moments the opportunity arises to grow and evolve.” -RND

This has come true to me in the last few days since the “shelter in place” has taken effect.  As this pandemic continues, it is clear that all of us have our own fears and anxieties that have arisen.  Overall, I think it is safe to say that we are trying to make sense of life in a “restricted” setting. 

“There is always a path even when the eyes cannot visually see…” -RND

The word restriction is dependent on perspective.  I will admit that it has been an adjustment for me as I am used to always being on the go and on a mission to complete a task (I love checking off boxes).  Both of my international trips to Europe and Brazil have been cancelled, I cannot go to the gym or attend dance classes.

I have asked myself, “what do I do with my life?” realizing that the concept of time has changed into more time and space…. Then I asked myself 2 more questions, “what do I do with this time and what do I create within this space?”

My answer: I choose to utilize time and space for creation.

“Evolution typically presents itself when one cannot make sense of the way they feel and the tools previously used to cope no longer work.” -RND

Steps to take when Evolution Comes Knocking

  1. Remind and Recognize:  What brought you to this moment?

Who am I? I am light, I am heart, I am honesty and I live with intention.  It had taken hard work to figure Me out and to accept and maintain this truth on a daily basis.  For so long, I have lived in a shadow, which I do not perceive as bad, but as a compilation of lessons that were well learned.  What would my life have been like if I kept following that path? (This question no longer exists) It had taken me 27 years to wake up and make sense of cyclical patterns that no longer served me.

2. Editing the script:  What do I want… Who I will evolve into…

Setting intention requires the right language.  Instead of “what I want to do,” I reword that statement to “I will, ” which shifts the energy to make me responsible and accountable for this change.  It may have started as a dream, fantasy or hope, however, I continuously choose to take ownership.  If I could not own my unique abilities, how can I grow?  How could I follow a dream with clear authentic intention without influence of fear, anxiety, greed, selfishness, and external affirmation? Owning my truth and making it known to the world is courageously vulnerable. 

3. Drippin’ in Finesse: To see it visually puts it into existence, hence puts it into action and with practice becomes a reality.


Tools: Paper and Pencil. Different colors encouraged.


At the core we all have innate characteristics that make you –> YOU.
Write down your top 3 core characteristics inside of the cube.

Take 60 seconds, or longer if desired, to sit in a quiet area.
Make your breaths intentional.
Ask yourself, “What is functioning well?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the top left circle.

Take 60 seconds, or longer if desired, to sit in a quiet area.
Make your breaths intentional.  
Ask yourself, “What no longer serves you?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the square on the left.

Assess what needs to be done.
Ask yourself, “What is the new truth or energy you want to bring into existence?”
Accept what is and write down what is present for you in this moment.
Write this answer inside of the top right circle.

Name 3 ways you can maintain this new existence on a daily basis. 
Examples include:
– Setting an alarm with a daily reminder
– Counting 3 wins at the end of your day
– Journaling daily for 10 minutes
Write this answer inside of the lower right circle
Set a date to review your frame
– Example: review in 7 days.
Any new thoughts or ideas come to mind?
Repeat the exercise as needed and follow the steps above.

Remember to breathe, be open and be flexible.
All parts of this process are connected to each other.
The frame, like a picture, captures a moment in time and can always change.
During this process if you feel lost, refer back to your core.

Here is my next evolutionary step

Rosie: 34.5

All of who I am at my core does not change.  I continue to fly and rise above the energies that creep into my existence that attempt to take me down.  What and who I share into the world now is a version of self that serves from an intentional cup of overflow.

I extend the invitation of my own joy and insight to others who are open to receiving it.

Sending love, peace, and well-being.


The RND Nurse Coach

Rosemarie Nagal Dominia

Reaching New Depths Coaching

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