Remind yourself… P.U.S.H

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Sometimes, we just need a reminder that Positivity Ultimately Sustains Health.

Throughout my lifetime I have learned time and time again on how it is important to MAKE QUALITY TIME to take care of myself.  When I was younger I admit to solving my emotional issues by going to parties… (you get the picture) and distract myself from the reality of my own pain. I was an expert at mastering the distraction cycle: negative experience, find a distraction, suppress the feeling, move on, and repeat. 

Unfortunately in our current world, to discuss these internal feelings of struggle are frowned upon.  Growing up, I was conditioned to not show signs of weakness.  It was not ok to cry or be angry in public due to the fear of what others might think of me. 


FACT: regardless of what you do whether it is good or bad, there will always be opinions.


Social media, depending on how it is utilized,  allows us to control what others perceive.  I call this concept selective choice.  For example, consciously editing pictures to make them “prettier” and taking multiple pictures to obtain that “perfect angle.” We often use the number of “likes” and comments or lack thereof to seek external validation.  Ask yourself, do you invest this energy to make these changes for you or for others?

What we hardly share is the work and the process.  What is going on behind the scenes?  Iconic figures such as Ellen and Oprah have shared their past struggles and what stands true in the public eye is their strength and authenticity.  What makes them inspirational is that they are able to display not only their success, but also their humanity.


“If you can’t ask for help without self-judgment, you cannot offer help without judging others.”- Brené Brown


My ego has led me to believe that I can figure this out on my own.  The more I followed the ego, I fell into the same old habits because I could not see beyond my own awareness. I needed a new pair of fresh eyes to look at me objectively to bring in a new perspective to my process. 

My self-love journey has required intention, dedication and constant daily practice.  It took vulnerability to ask for help and to surrender to uncertainty.  Sitting in this uncertainty helped me to create an environment that is supportive of this new change that is conducive to my growth. 

Bottom line, it is ok to ask for help and guidance during the process of change.  In allowing ourselves to be open to change we naturally, sometimes without even being conscious, create the right steps to help move us in the right direction. 

Here are a few reminders:

  • We all have our own meaning of health and our unique process of being healthy. 
  • The effort we put into our external self takes just as much effort to put into our internal self.
  • You can always choose which path you want to walk.
  • Create what you want to see and allow time to let it unfold.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who you find supportive.
  • Be open to different perspectives.
  • Take the number of steps daily that allows you to feel balanced.
  • Celebrate along the way.

*Thank you to all of my mentors, coaches, and educators.  I would not be who I am without your guidance.

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