2020 vision, TIME TO REFOCUS


2020 vision, TIME TO REFOCUS.

Happy New Year !

For those who do not know me, my name is Rosemarie Dominia.  I am 34 years old, and from San Francisco, California. I am currently a Nurse Practitioner and have been in the profession for 13 years, and am a hip hop Dancer.  It has been a couple of years since I have written a blog.  I must say that my life has been through a lot of change in the last 2-3 years, especially in 2019.

January of 2019 started with my Dad passing away suddenly from a heart attack and I was a witness to his transition of this life and into the next.  The universe literally put in my face the meaning of,  “life is short and that anything can change at any moment,” which for me was a millisecond.  I have no regrets of my relationship with my Dad, however, his passing taught me the importance of not just making every second count, but to live each second awake, present and with joy.  The thoughts of practicing this profound litany was strong and I was determined.  But what came next was the hardest part, the PURGE.  In the process of transforming my life, I had to let go of things, which included situations and individuals where energies did not mesh well but more importantly my own patterns of thought that had no longer served me. In essence, this transformation is like one of the Phoenix, burn to ash and be reborn once again.

When GRIEF and STRESS reach its climaxes together, the body does what it needs to do to be resilient.

I left a job that made great money, however, it was not my true passion, and found myself in constant cycles of feeling stressed and unhappy.  As a result, my health spiraled downhill very quickly. In July through August of 2019, which is the moment I let go, I gained close to 20 pounds, my hands and legs were swollen, and I was extremely fatigued.  I was internally inflamed.  The evaluation in an otherwise healthy person lead to ruling out conditions such as cancer.  Luckily, that was not the case and an official medical diagnosis still could not be established.  I sought out care from a Holistic Medicine doctor who truly knew the core of my illness: GRIEF.  How do you treat grief? There was no quick fix, other than going back to the basics of rest, eating healthy and the hardest part, feeling and sitting through the difficult moments.  Once the physical symptoms started to resolve, I fell into a major depressive episode, which was from September through November of 2019.  My brain finally had the capacity to work through the heavy emotions that came from all of the back to back changes.

Back story: since 2014, (REFER to the first BLOG post Ready to disclose), I made the conscious choice of loving myself , which was the FIRST step of my transformation. Owning all that has happened to me has made me stronger and I am not ashamed of what I have been through.


The healing process continues.  I can write with true honesty that the ability to clearly share these thoughts with all of you is to provide insight on the power of self-love. Without having the ability to know myself, I would not have been able to navigate through the tough terrain of my adversities in 2019.

Here is where I am now:


I am OWNING all of my weaknesses and strengths.

I am OWNING my magical power of healing others.

I am OWNING my true calling, to become an ENTREPENEUR.

I am OWNING all of my joyful and fearful moments of this journey.

I am OWNING that I will start my coaching business, REACHING NEW DEPTHS, which will provide a safe space for those looking to TRANSFORM their lives by owning their unique strengths to have FREEDOM in life to do ANYTHING. (COMING SOON!)

I intend and look forward to continue sharing this journey with all of you and to meet new individuals in person and virtually.   

As I sit here writing this the only thought in my mind is that I am excited to have my 2020 vision back.

with Love and Kindness,

Rosie aka the HipHopNPSF

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 NOTE: THANK YOU to all who were supportive during my healing: to my Partner Una, my Family, Friends, SoulForce Dance Company (Dance Family), INCA Sisters (Cohort 26), Dr. Giulietta Octavio and all of those who shared their support spiritually.

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